Soy un desarrollador de software libre. Si encuentras útil alguno de mis desarrollos o de mis artículos, puedes ayudarme a seguir con mi trabajo :).

I’m a free software developer. If you find any of my plugins or posts useful, you can help me continue my work  with a donation :).

WP Plugins Actuales / Actual WP Plugins:

Antiguos / Former:

  • ArchAngel INC (Admin)
    ArchAngel INC is a web-based community for developers in some Open Source projects based primarily in Joomla! We are now developing some web applications to use directly with Joomla! systems (custom & automatic installers included).
  • Triversity Proyect (Admin)
    The purpose of this project is to create an MMORPG which requires the player to group with other players in order to complete quests. It is extremely pvp biased and will slowly lead the player into it. Every class is needed in the game to progress.
  • Multi-User Progress System (MUPS) (Devel)
    Multi-User Progress System (MUPS) is a web based progress report system for a development team. The users can add their own items to a list and set an amount that they are complete (percentage).
  • Mambo / Joomla! (Devel)
  • EvilEntity Linux (Devel)
  • Shattered Realms MUD (Devel)
  • SuRReal Forum (Devel)
  • Entropia (Devel)
  • Titanium WM (Devel)
  • CDMEDIC (Colab)
  • FINK (Colab)
  • Guadalinex PPC (Colab)
  • aiplanet (Colab)
  • DriveS (Colab)
  • v2os (colab)