Mi correo no es tan bueno

Hola, me llamo DreamHost y mi sistema de correo no es demasiado bueno. Por eso, a mis clientes les recomiendo que usen Gmail.

Google Gmail
Did you know you and all your users can choose to use Google’s Gmail for email on domains hosted with DreamHost?

* Access your mail through Gmail’s web interface, but at http://mail.yourdomain.com/
* True POP3/IMAP/SMTP access!
* Over 6GB of storage per address (and growing)!
* Unlimited message forwarding, labeling, and search!
* Awesome performance, reliability, and spam filtering!
* Use a custom logo!

And you still use DreamHost for everything besides email! Of course, you can always just use us for all your email needs.

¿Le pagará Google a DreamHost? ¿O es aún más publicidad gratuita?
Hagan sus apuestas.

(Gracias a @bonhamled por el chivatazo).